Tip of the Icebergby Kelli

All told, 300 plaintiffs are involved in 100 challenges to the anti-conscience mandate. But it is important to remember that all this commotion is the result of one small aspect of one set of regulations concerning preventive care under Obamacare.

And that means we’ve only just begun to see the potential conscience problems that could come from this massive overhaul of our health care system.

From beginning of life to end of life, health care involves innumerable moral considerations….

Handing the moral compass to remote bureaucrats to navigate this territory is a bad idea….

Obamacare has given the federal government the power to determine what insurers must cover, what employers must include in their health plans, and what individual Americans must buy. There is no way out, and that is bad news for conscience.

~ Jennifer Marshall, The Daily Signal, June 16

[HT: Jill; photo via loucouss.be]

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