Kyle Kulinski mocks opposers of contraceptionby Kelli

At Secular Talk, radio host Kyle Kulinski (pictured right) gives his take on why he believes pro-lifers are wrong to oppose contraception. To do so, he comments on a panel discussion from the National Right to Life Convention featuring remarks from radio host and pregnancy resource center director Joy Pinto. (Also shown in the clip are NRO editor Kathryn Jean Lopez and Dr. Jean Garton.)

In the course of the video, Kulinski claims that if a person represses their own urge to have sex, “it’s gonna manifest itself in all sorts of weird and screwed up ways” and insists that “it is overwhelming and unanimous that we all agree that contraception is a good thing”, despite the fact that his entire program is dedicated to claiming that religious pro-lifers are wrong on contraception – in other words, it’s obviously not unanimous.

It should really go without saying, but WARNING – Profanity:


How would you answer Kulinksi’s claims?

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[HT: Robert Berger]

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