by Hans Johnson

While parents in New York are suing over their child being taken out of school to be given birth control, another district in Oregon is planning to hand out condoms to sixth-graders.

Then there is the mother who attended  a presentation of sex-education topics with her daughter at Bellingham High School in Washington. She wrote in an email to KOMO  News:

I sat there with my mouth open in shock and the final straw was when a joke was told on stage about a teacher, a lawyer and a priest on a plane. The plane was going down and the teacher says we have to save the children. The attorney says ‘F*** the children!’,  and the priest says ‘OOOOH..Do we have time for that???’.

At that point she left “in shock” and “in tears”.

Lastly, at Pine Valley Middle School in California, a class showed a series of graphic photos with crude captions on the subject: “Top Conception Myths”.

Here is a rep9rt from ABC10:

Glenn Beck
channeled his outrage at the public school system in his own inimitable style.

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[HT: Laura Loo; TheBlaze]

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