A petition drive is underway in Canada to block the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform from displaying banners with photos of abortion victims on an overpass in Calgary (pictured above) after one was perceived to have caused a car accident there this week.

Abortion, a disturbing reality

Some pros and cons, quoting

For years, an anti-abortion organization has been temporarily hanging the banners from pedestrian bridges over the busiest roadway in Calgary….

“I had a traumatic miscarriage four or five years ago, and the first time I saw the banner, it was devastating,” said [Nicole] Bross, a mother of two. “It brought back all these awful, awful feelings.”

Stephanie Gray, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, the group behind the highway displays, said it’s part of a continuing effort to spread their message.

“As we have, in our 12-year history, used images of abortion-victim photography, we’ve seen, year after year, people change their minds on abortion because of what they see,” said Gray….

Bross said abortion isn’t the issue for her. Rather, she said it’s a matter of safety, as she worries the banners are distracting to drivers.

“These people claim to care about life and the unborn,” she said. “But they don’t care about the lives of the people that they’re potentially endangering.”

Gray, however, disputed the implication this is a distracted-driving issue.

“If someone is driving down the road and chooses to look out their window at a billboard or at an accident, and then they rear end a person in front of them, do we blame the pre-existing accident or the billboard for the accident? Or do we blame the driver for not maintaining their attention on their driving?”

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