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Abortion proponent Steph Herold has identified the “3-legged stool” of abortion:

But my investigation also solidified my belief that culture change efforts are imperative to the policy and health-care access work that our movement is doing.

Ignoring culture change to focus on policy and health care may garner some short-term wins, but leaves you without a long-term aspirational vision for change.

In other words, a movement that is built only on two legs - policy and health-care access - cannot stand. We need that third leg: culture change….

It’s difficult to imagine long-term policy gains without doing the hard work to change norms, beliefs, and behavior. We’ve seen first-hand that without culture change, no policy change will be long lasting. We have Roe v. Wade, yet that certainly hasn’t guaranteed the right to accessing an abortion in the United States.

Pro-life 3-legged stool to stop abortion

Pro-life advocates have the same 3-legged stool, 180 degrees opposite: overturn pro-abortion policy, drying up access to abortion clinics, and convert the culture of death to the culture of life.

I think viewing our fight to stop abortion in those terms helps one appreciate the complexity of the pro-life movement,  how all of our efforts are interrelated, and how all of our efforts are equally important.

When the overall battle is compartmentalized this way, which side do you think is winning?

Which leg of pro-life’s 3-legged stool do you most closely identify with, in terms of your passion and the type of pro-life work you do?


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