Felice Gaerby Kelli

According to the great and mighty UN, prohibiting abortion is a grave human rights abuse against women and the Vatican better do something about it.

The one and only American on the U.N. Committee Against Torture, Felice Gaer [pictured], went even further by labeling the Church’s position on abortion was [sic] a form of torture….

Imagine that. We live in a world where Muslims kill people for their Christian faith, where school girls are held hostage and forced to convert in Nigeria… in which women are subject to everything from genital mutilation to subservience before Sharia law but the high and mighty of the UN have decided that being anti-abortion trumps all of this!

~ Pastor Larry Peters, reacting to the UN’s recent attack on the Catholic Church’s pro-life position, Pastoral Meanderings, June 15

[HT: Pro-Life in TN, photo via diariochaco.com]

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