wendy-davis-facebook-ad Texas state Senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, who catapulted to infamy by filibustering a 20-week abortion ban in 2013, is unhappy pro-lifers aren’t letting anyone forget.

Davis has taken out a Facebook ad calling on supporters to sign an “Open Letter Denouncing The “Abortion Barbie’ Attacks,” referring to life size posters that greeted her on May 22 when she came to Hollywood for a celebrity fundraiser. Wendy Davis filibuster late-term abortion

The artist known as Sabo photoshopped Davis’s head onto a pregnant Midge doll and placed a pair of large open scissors over the head of a little black baby she was holding.

I don’t understand the problem. The scissors may not have been surgical instruments, but late-term babies are murdered by grabbing and stabbing them just the same. And minority babies are known targets. This is all what Davis stood in her pink shoes trying to protect for 11 hours. Own it, Wendy.

But Davis was not happy, calling the poster all sorts of names: “disgusting… wrong… offensive… vicious personal attacks… insulting… demeaning… degrading” – oh, my.

I have to ask, what exactly is disgusting? Does Davis not know abortion is a bloody hot mess?

EMILY’s List, the pro-abortion PAC that finances the campaigns solely of Democrat pro-abortion women, piled on with even more pejoratives about that which they support:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 12.15.59 PM

Again, what is “gruesome” about that poster, EMILY’s List?

It doesn’t even actually show the real deal.

[HT: Saynsumthn]

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