late-term abortionist After Tiller propaganda pieceYou’ve likely heard by now that PBS, a taxpayer-funded public television station, is airing the late-term abortionist propaganda piece After Tiller throughout the month of September.

I’ll write more on that in another post. For now, stop reading me for a minute and read this incredible piece by Matt Walsh on the topic.

Meanwhile, abortion proponents are ecstatic at the prospect of glamorizing a component of what they support which most Americans assuredly don’t.

Most Americans think drawing and quartering fully formed babies whose wanted friends of the same age get super duper special medical care is too creepy for even a horror flick.

In advance of getting a ton of one-sided publicity for the most heinous of the bunch who commit abortions (which is not to say abortions of younger babies are any less heinous, but if most abortionists are even revolted at the prospect of murdering older babies, you know the procedure itself is disgusting on steroids), abortion zealots are having a tweet fest this afternoon to prop PBS against blowback from the likes of us…

Tweet fest to show love to late-term abortionists

So we pro-lifers are going to push back by hijacking this late-term abortionist love fest with our own tweets…

Pro-life tweet fest in response to late-term abortionist love fest

Note the time-frame is open ended. Organizers didn’t want to commit because they didn’t know if we would do exactly what we’re doing. They needed to be able to cut off the convo to save face if we took things over. But typically pro-abortion chats like this usually don’t last longer than 30 minutes, 60 max.

So please help us keep abortion radicals from peacefully promoting the excruciatingly painful blood bath of older preborn infants, never mind the extra danger their mothers face (hello, Jennifer Morbelli, killed last year by After Tiller star LeRoy Carhart), by tweeting about the reality of late-term abortion – there is so much to say about it – beginning at 2p EST. Use their hashtags #AbortionAccess and #AfterTiller.

If you’re not on Twitter, you need to be. It’s yet another form of social media where pro-lifers can make an impact – see above.

Thanks. And please promote this to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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