Planned Parenthood abortion clinic art gallery #1

Caption: “Joseph Boyd and his wife Lauren Boyd, who inspired his painting, ‘Bliss'”

Management at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, decided they needed to class up their act. Abortion just isn’t chic on its own.

Apparently unaware of the phrases, “putting lipstick on a pig,” which means to “mak[e] superficial or cosmetic changes [in] a futile attempt to disguise the true nature of a product,” and ”whitewashed tombs,” which means to “look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean,” Planned Parenthood commissioned original artwork to beautify the lobby and several rooms in the clinic.

Did Planned Parenthood order artwork for the ceilings of procedure rooms, so aborting mothers might distract themselves from the reality of what they were doing? If so, it went without saying in the newsletter. But this particular Planned Parenthood goes to a lot of trouble to avoid any reference to the A-word. Note the following promo by Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis makes no mention of the procedure by which it slaughters babies:


Interesting factoid: Planned Parenthood’s art budget was $25,000, the approximate value of 50 murdered children.

Planned Parenthood abortion clinic art gallery

Caption: “Artist Kia Lola with her word #4”

Planned Parenthood is conducting art tours, how lovely. Contact info in the newsletter.

Planned Parenthood abortion clinic art gallery

Caption: “Artist Jermel ‘Ziggy’ Tucker and his work ‘Viberian Sun'”

Other artists who sold work to Planned Parenthood’s Lipstick on a Pig Project included Nathan Black, Alisa Botto, Jenn Brandt, Traci Brothers-McDaniel, Sean Davis, Maria Ferguson, Ron Fondaw, Matt Ivey, Chip Pankey, April Pierce, Jack Robinson Archive, and Monty Shane. Give them a hand – Planned Parenthood should have several.

Hey, didn’t Hitler collect art? Why yes, he did, what a coincidence.

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