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Emily Letts, who claims to have filmed her own abortion at her employer, Cherry Hill Women’s Center, is the topic of a new rebuttal video released by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. CBR says Letts and her abortion clinic employer “created their YouTube video as a disingenuous sales pitch.” The group’s intent in releasing this rebuttal is “to ensure women are not deceived regarding the humanity of their baby or the inhumanity of the abortion which Cherry Hill Women’s Center is trying to sell them.”

CBR wrote in an email:

Elizabeth Barnes, Executive Director of the Cherry Hill Women’s Center and the Philadelphia Women’s Center, is Ms. Letts’ co-conspirator in this abortion industry infomercial. She is also on YouTube proclaiming that “… we need to see more images in the media of women who choose abortion and it provides them a pathway to a new and better life.” CBR replies that what we actually need are more images in the media of dismembered babies for whom abortion provided a barbaric end to life.

The video contains footage from an actual abortion procedure juxtaposed with Emily Letts’ remarks after her abortion.

WARNING: Extremely graphic; contains nudity.


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[HT: Jill; photo via theolivebranchreport.com]

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