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Restitution has been paid and the charges have been dropped in the case of Victoria Duran, the young woman who attacked Created Equal’s Seth Drayer and damaged signs in an incident in downtown Columbus, Ohio, in July. Now a lawsuit has been filed by her mother accusing the pro-life group of causing emotional distress and inciting harrassment of her daughter. CE counters that no intention of this can be shown, and thus the charges are frivolous.

It was also claimed that Drayer was not pushed into a bus (refuted in this newly-released video footage of the confrontation [WARNING: PROFANITY]) and that no effort was made to contact her daughter or drop the complaint. But CE answers that the prosecution was told from the beginning that they would do so after an apology, and that a “temporary restraining order (which we did not seek)” was put in place preventing them from contact.

Despite the assertion by Duran’s mother, Anairis C. Carter, that no apology would be coming (see her comment on Facebook), the charges were dropped. She also claims her daughter’s autism was a reason for her daughter’s outburst in this interview on Fox28. (Click image to watch):


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[HT: Mark Harrington]

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