DelawareOnline.com reported that an employee of†the Planned Parenthood abortionclinic in Wilmington, Delaware, called police on September 3 to investigate a “suspicious package… on the grass next to the parking lot.”

After “a†major inbound route for drivers in Wilmington” was closed for 1-1/2 hours, according to newsworks.org,†a robot determined the box, addressed to Planned Parenthood, was empty. “Police believe it was trash and had blown out of the dumpster in the lot of Planned Parenthood,” explained†Capt.†William†Browne.

An employee of any other business would have come to work, spotted the box, picked it up, and thrown it away.

But such is the paranoid world the abortion industry has created for itself†in its†attempt to malign pro-lifers as violent. We comprise†the most peaceful social justice movement in history. On any given day dozens to hundreds of prayer vigils and protests are held at abortion clinics throughout the country without incident other than pro-choice violence directed certainly toward their tiny victims inside and sometimes toward pro-lifers outside.

In total, over 41+ years, eight abortion workers have been murdered, all between 1993-1998 except for late-term abortionist George Tiller in 2009. These acts were obviously carried out by people on the fringe, which all movements must contend with.

But the other side enjoys†defaming all of us, obviously to elicit sympathy for themselves from the public as well as fear and distrust of pro-lifers. They are also trying to intimidate pro-lifers into backing†away from protesting.

peace-love-heartsWell, this ploy has worked. See photo and story above.

Or has it backfired? Certainly fear keeps doctors and others from working at abortion clinics. It must also avert†some segment of the pregnant population from getting abortions.

Do you mind the portrayal of pro-lifers as violent? Do you find yourself responding to the caricature by perhaps overreacting as a peacenik?


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