Stand True’s Bryan Kemper was really looking forward to watching this weeks’s episode of 19 Kids and Counting onTLC after one of his pro-life t-shirts made an appearance in last week’s show…

TLC censors Duggar pro-life t-shirt

Kemper hoped to spot another of his t-shirts since the entire family owns one….

Duggar family owns pro-life t-shirts

Jessa Duggar and Been Seewald wearing pro-life t-shirtKemper met Jessa Duggar at the 2013 Students for Life of America conference and gave her one of his t-shirts, which led to a very large order from the rest of the clan.

In fact, a photo of Jessa with fiancé Ben Seewald wearing his pro-life t-shirt has been popping up all over the Internet in the wake of Jessa daring to publicly reflect on the topic of abortion after going through the Holocaust Museum a couple weeks ago.

But Kemper was shocked when viewing the October 2 19 Kids and Counting episode to see one of his pro-life t-shirts all right, but with the message, “I survived Roe vs. Wade/Roe vs. Wade will not survive me,” blurred out. Click to enlarge…

TLC censors Duggar pro-life t-shirt 2

Since the same message was allowed on the previous episode without being censored, one has to conclude there were complaints, or perhaps a pro-abortion editor went rogue.

As if it’s a secret that the Duggars are pro-life? Having 19 children certainly makes that a nonrevelation.

As if anyone watching the show isn’t to expect Duggar family values to shine through?

I can’t imagine the Duggars were told about this pro-life censorship by TLC, because I can’t imagine they would stand for it.

Here’s hoping Michelle and Jim Bob put a quick stop to this flagrant attempt to suppress the message that abortion is wrong and that this generation intends to stop it.

[tweet_box]Here’s hoping @DuggarFam puts a quick stop to @TLC’s flagrant attempt to censor the #prolife msg.[/tweet_box]

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