Abolish Human Abortion is promoting a great idea, which I’m dubbing the Black Friday Pro-Life Drop Card Project:

Drop Cards are currently on Sale for $1.50 a pack for “Black Friday.”

By this we do not mean that this is a “Black Friday Sale.” We mean, buy lots of drop cards for cheap so that you can go drop them on Black Friday.

Them malls and shopping centers will be super busy seeding grounds come this “thanksgiving” and “holiday season.”

Please go buy some cards so that we can get them to you in time for you to drop them on Black Friday.

Totally agree.

Other groups selling drop cards are Created Equal and Stand True.

I always carry drop cards in my wallet. There are very creative places to place them. This is one of those little things I look forward to finding out in Heaven what good they did and where.

Order your cards today! There’s not much time. Black Friday is a perfect day to organize a pro-life project like this.

UPDATE, 12:10p: I’ve just learned a little more about pro-life activism on Black Friday and thought I’d pass the information it along. In 2005, the Pro-Life Action League protested the American Girl Store in Chicago over ties to a pro-abortion group, which they severed. Other groups have done Truth Tour displays with abortion victim photos at shopping malls on Black Friday. Also worth noting is that the concept of subversive literature drops was promoted in chapters 21 and 61 of Joe Scheidler’s book, CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion.

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