Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Attends Election Night Gatheringby Carder

A Republican-controlled Senate with McConnell as majority leader could spell serious trouble for reproductive rights.

McConnell has been vocal in his support for a national 20-week abortion ban, which he is likely to try to bring to the floor for a vote.

Democrats would probably filibuster such a bill, and President Obama would almost certainly veto it. But McConnell could bring it up multiple times to try to draw media attention and move the needle on public opinion, or he could even insert it into a must-pass, simple-majority budget bill.

~ Emily Crockett, describing a potentially pro-choice nightmare scenario now that the Republicans have control of the Senate with Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell most likely as Majority Leader, RH Reality Check, November 4

[Note: The hysterical panic is strong, as some feminists rush to stock up on birth control.]

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