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  • Pro-Life Action League reports on the now-closed All Women’s Health in Chicago, run by abortionist Mandy Gittler (who was responsible for the death of Tonya Reaves at a Chicago Planned Parenthood). All Women’s has been accused of scamming women who visited for pap smears and health exams.
  • Real Choice chronicles one of over a dozen known deaths from National Abortion Federation clinics from 1970-2004. This case, from 1994, details the death of a high school senior who was 17 weeks pregnant. Records show that the abortionist did the entire second trimester abortion in three minutes, which (understandably) contributed to the young woman’s “safe and legal abortion” death.


  • Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust profiles Andy Moore (pictured left) from New Zealand, now transplanted to the United States and married to the daughter of Jill Stanek. Andy’s commitment and talents show why the pro-life movement is winning.
  • ProWomanProLife says Canada could learn something from the UK about human rights:

    It remains appallingly controversial in Canada to state in Parliament that killing female pre-born children simply because they are female is wrong. Canada, we can learn something from the UK about human rights. Wake up and get with the times.

  • John Smeaton posts on the plight of Scottish midwives who are having to defend their refusal to participate in abortions.
  • Saynsumthn’s Blog posts a video of Steve Hofstetter, humor columnist for and other publications, joking about pushing a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs. Is this today’s version of gallows humor?
  • Hormonal contraception may be relatively cheap in dollars and cents, but ProLife365 counts the other costs of birth control which aren’t often discussed.
  • Wesley J. Smith points out how schizophrenic we have become in dealing with the issue of assisted suicide. The UK, which opposes the death penalty, is considering setting up suicide courts where a person could petition a judge for authorization to have a doctor prescribe a lethal dose to end his/her life. Smith quotes The Independent:

    Judges could routinely be given the power of life or death over patients who are determined to die to end their suffering. Proposals to use judges as the final arbiters of who can be helped to die go some way to satisfying opponents to Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill. Lord Pannick QC proposed judicial oversight in amendments to the Bill which went before the House of Lords yesterday. The Lords, in the first Parliamentary vote on the Bill, gave it their approval.


  • Live Action News profiles a non-denominational evangelical pastor from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California, who declared boldly that he will go to jail before funding abortion:

    Senior Pastor Jack Hibbs – a strong pro-life proponent – has encouraged his congregation to uphold religious values and fundamental liberties in the public square. Now, the church is opposing a California mandate egregiously imposed on religious institutions across the Golden State. The congregation is challenging a decision by the California Department of Managed Healthcare that forces all employers, including churches, to provide coverage for elective abortions in all health insurance plans.

    We have heard much about the power of the pulpits during the recent election. Could this be an awakening?

[Photo of Andy Moore by Brice Griffin via Facebook; photo of Jack Hibbs via]

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