by Kelli

… [E]very time an anti-abortion candidate opens her mouth on abortion, she can expect her words will be twisted and spun in the worst possible way. This creates an understandable reluctance on the part of many conservative candidates to talk about abortion….

So, what should high-profile, anti-abortion candidates do?

Well, first, it is absolutely inexcusable for any anti-abortion candidate to not have a well-rehearsed and thoughtful answer to the “hard questions” that they should have to face, such as how to deal with abortion in the case of rape. Candidates should be coached, and coached again, on speaking well on sensitive issues. This should go without saying, but, apparently, it cannot.

But, most importantly, anti-abortion candidates should realize — understand down to their bones — that the best defense is a good offense, and that, deep down, more Americans are on their side than not, if a good case is made. Any answer to a question on abortion should end with something like: “I think all Americans understand that there are very hard questions involved in this issue — for both sides. So I guess I want to know why journalists always ask me the hard questions on this issue, but never ask my opponent the hard questions on her side of the issue. Why does she take money from the multibillion-dollar abortion business Planned Parenthood, which supports third-trimester abortions, which we’re the only country to have with China and North Korea, abortions of viable babies, infanticide, and has a record of covering up sexual abuse and the rape of minors? I’m willing to answer the hard questions, but I want my opponent to answer those questions as well.”

If a candidate has supported late-term abortion and other extreme liberal abortion positions, the opponent should not be shy about running ads highlighting that fact. Candidates who take money from abortion-rights lobbies should be tied to those groups’ most extreme positions and to exemplars of the reality of abortion such as Kermit Gosnell.

The Democratic Party platform, and the platform of the abortion lobbies within the Democratic coalition, are extreme on abortion. The Democratic Party position is government-funded abortion as a constitutional right at any point in the pregnancy (including perhaps infanticide) for whatever reason. However muddled Americans are on the issue of abortion, they definitely view that as extreme, and this is an opportunity for the Republican Party.

Abortion can be a winning issue for the GOP. All they have to do is be smart about it — and go on the offense.

~ Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, The Week, November 5

[Photo via fccpayaya.org]

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