raunerWith the†November 4†election around the corner, and early/absentee voting in full swing, have you or will you be voting for a pro-abortion candidate? If so, why?

The photo, right, is of pro-abortion Republican Bruce Rauner, who is running for governor in Illinois against pro-abortion Democrat incumbent Pat Quinn.

Pro-life Republicans have been†told to vote for Rauner despite his stance on abortion because he is the lesser of two evils. Illinois is deeply in debt, and he’s a great businessman, we’re told. He’ll save the state.

Meanwhile, Rauner’s wife Diana is a contributor to EMILY’s List, a†pro-abortion PAC that only supports Democrat women. Diana sent an email to pro-abortion supporters yesterday complaining that an Illinois abortion PAC is unjustly castigating Bruce, adding, about her husband:

He won the primary despite his pro-choice stance, in part by convincing pro-lifers to put aside their views on this issue in favor of economic ones….

Terry Cosgrove’s decision to attack Bruce is driven by politics, not the issues, and it sickens me because I believe that it is ultimately destructive to our cause. By attacking a pro-choice Republican candidate, he virtually assures we will never see another.

Well, hm. If the Republican pro-abort loses, the GOP machine will get the message not to give us pro-abortion candidates? Is this worth four more years of Democrats fiscally bankrupting my state?

This scenario is similar to one†pro-lifers face in just about every pocket of the country.

What would you do? What will you do? Why? Be sure to answer the poll question…


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