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  • Wesley J. Smith discusses the latest culture of death idea. We’ve heard of “abortion doulas,” but what about death doulas? These individuals, according to two authors, would become “suicide facilitators” by “fill[ing] a gap between treatment doctors and hospice workers.”
  • Josh Brahm lists his top five posts of 2014.
  • Clinic Quotes features a grisly story about what contractors found when they renovated an old home that once belonged to an abortionist. Under an old examining table they found the “remains of two tiny babies floating in a preservative solution inside two dusty jars with screw-on lids.” A local TV station did an interview but referred to the babies as specimens and (interestingly) did not show them on camera.


  • At Live Action News, Cassy Fiano writes about abortion supporters who want abortion clinics to be aesthetically pleasing, but seem unconcerned about making sure the clinics actually meet safety standards:

    Give us something pink and pretty, and we’ll ignore that [clinic owner Diane] Derzis had 76 pages’ worth of health code violations, the fact that one of her clinics was forcibly closed because she sent three patients to the hospital in one day, and that, for all intents and purposes, she’s operating an illegal abortion clinic. Derzis laughably said in an interview that she thanks God for her safe abortion, yet she does nothing at all to provide safe abortions for women who come to her for help.

    But oh boy, is her clinic pretty! [pictured] …

    Whole Woman’s Health has had multiple violations, including rusty instruments and expired medicine, but who cares? They’ve got herbal tea and recliners! The walls are decorated with inspirational quotes! Surely that tea and those pretty walls will make women feel better when they find out that an abortionist was poking around in their uterus with rusty equipment.

  • Fletcher Armstrong discusses the success of bringing the pro-life strategy to European countries, and the resulting response:

    Neil Datta [is the] secretary of the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (an abortion advocacy organization). Referencing an interview with Mr. Datta, Women’s eNews (a feminist online publication) wrote:

    U.S. anti-abortion groups appear to be sharing their expertise with their European counterparts. Datta cites the example of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, based in Knoxville, Tenn., which ran a poster campaign that links photos of genocide and holocaust next to images of aborted fetuses. Countries, such as Slovakia and Poland, used a similar ad campaign to promote their agenda at the European Parliament and in public squares, said Datta.

  • Big Blue Wave is astonished at an anti-smoking ad being shown in Finland, which discusses the harm that smoking can bring to preborn children. This type of ad has been seen before in the U.S. and Canada, but I haven’t seen any in recent years:


[Photo via Live Action News]

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