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Abortion’s now-sacred status is symptomatic of something far more sinister: the sweeping success of the Sexual Revolution. So-called “sexual rights” are now considered to be the most important “rights” our society has, and take precedence over all other rights, regardless of how fundamental they are….

Freedom of speech? This is now a quaint concept that does not apply, for example, to any sort of pro-life activism, especially and ironically on university campuses. Nothing has the ability to irritate me quite as much as the mewling first-year feminist fascists of the Womyn’s Studies Department scurrying to submit their campus editorial on the “limits of free speech” the second pro-lifers show up on campus to engage university students in a discussion on a serious topic.

Pornography, nude demonstrations, and virtually any form of sex-related activism is welcome — unless you happen to be opposing something, in which case it is not. When I was in university, for example, our “Cemetery of the Innocents” display was trampled and destroyed by a student politician who then took to the campus paper to call us the Hitler Youth. On campus after campus across North America, so-called feminists respond to pro-life activism the same way: Shut down the debate.

~ Jonathon Van Maren, Life Site News, December 2

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