File photo of soldiers from Chinese PLA Special Operations Forces marching in formation during training session on the outskirts of Beijing

From Investors Business Daily, January 29:

Arms Buildup: A senior weapons developer tells Congress that Beijing’s massive defense buildup, emphasizing precision-guided and other advanced weapons, has placed the U.S. and its shrinking military at serious risk.

‘I am very concerned about the increasing risk of loss of U.S. military technological superiority,” Frank Kendall, deputy undersecretary for acquisition, said Wednesday. “We’re at risk, and the situation is getting worse.” He was testifying before the House Armed Services Committee at a hearing on the subject of defense and technological change.

The Chinese were paying attention to U.S. military dominance in the early 1990s after we won the arms race and the Cold War, he said. And they watched and analyzed our ability to project overwhelming power in Desert Storm after Iraq invaded Kuwait. “No one observed more carefully the dominance we demonstrated in 1991 than the Chinese,” Kendall observed.

China quickly went to work on its own power projection capabilities and what is called asymmetrical warfare…. Kendall says he became “alarmed as soon as I started seeing technical intelligence reports on China’s modernization programs.

What does this have to do with abortion?

The launch of China’s infamous one-child policy in 1979 also launched a gender imbalance, with a preference for boys achieved mostly through abortion.

This has resulted in 34 million more males than females in China by 2011. Two charts from The Mirror, November 11, 2014, explain it all:



I’m certainly not the first to envision a doomsday scenario where a Chinese army of “choice” takes us over. From the Washington Post, 2006:

Foreign Policy magazine has come up with a new worry to chew your nails over – hordes of hormone-addled, sexually frustrated Asian men.

This nightmare scenario appears in an article with a wonderful title – “The Geopolitics of Sexual Frustration.” But the scary part starts in the subtitle: “Asia has too many boys. They can’t find wives, but they just might find extreme nationalism instead.”

The problem began 20 years ago, when ultrasound technology gave Asian women a cheap way to determine the sex of their unborn babies, writes Martin Walker, editor of United Press International. In China and other Asian nations, millions of women chose to abort female fetuses so they could instead give birth to boys. Consequently, those countries will soon have millions more men than women.

The result, says Walker, will be “mass sexual frustration.” By 2020, he writes, China alone could have “40 million frustrated bachelors.”…

Valerie Hudson, a Brigham Young University scholar… agrees: “In 2020, it may seem to China that it would be worth it to have a very bloody battle in which a lot of their young men could die in some glorious cause.”

2020 – that’s now five years away. The timing of China’s impending weapons dominance would appear… odd.

I have thought for some time abortion will play into the end times.

Happy Friday afternoon.

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