downloadWe don’t tend to think of the pre-born as an “unreached people group.” One reason is that definitions of “unreached peoples” were formulated at a time when many evangelicals were divided over when life begins and still held to what Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, admits were “embarrassingly liberal positions on the abortion issue.”

Though consensus on when life begins has since changed thanks to better science and Bible study, missional models have not. We still don’t think of the pre-born as a class of people to target with the love of Jesus Christ. We don’t consider it within the scope of Christian missions to seek to save the lives of the pre-born so they can eventually hear the Gospel. We don’t see abortion-mindedness as a mission field or abolishing infanticide a goal of contemporary church outreach (though the historical record indicates it was a high moral priority for the early church).

Over the years we’ve successfully devised ways to reach people behind the iron curtain and the bamboo curtain, but when it comes to the cultural curtain, which says a woman can kill her unborn child if she chooses, we do next to nothing. We recruit, fund, train, and mobilize teams to carry the gospel to those separated from God by natural barriers such as language and geography, but for those separated from Him by moral vacuity, flawed logic, and unjust laws we make no comparable effort.

~ Rolley Haggard, Breakpoint, February 6

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