by Kelli


What we believe about who God is and how God creates doesn’t leave room for political or moral neutrality on abortion.

I look out at the Christian landscape and our culture today and I’m encouraged on one hand when I see Christians addressing some of these issues like poverty or sex trafficking. These are issues we need to address in our culture and our culture will applaud us for addressing [them] but I’m concerned when I see the same Christians or church leaders who are passionate about those issues are passive when it comes to issues like abortion or so called same-sex marriage, issues that will bring us into much greater contention in our culture.

It’s like we’ve chosen which social issues we’re going to address and which one’s we’re going to ignore based on what’s most comfortable or least costly to us….

[Abortion] poses the most clear and present danger to the most people daily….

So this must compel us to address very core life issues to say how can we work to help these children live and that involves coming alongside women who are struggling with, wondering how can I have this baby, and to serve them, to show them there’s options. Either to help them deliver and raise this baby or to put this baby up for adoption so that children can live, women can thrive.

~ Alabama pastor David Platt (pictured above with his family), explaining how he once used to shy away from addressing issues like abortion in church, as quoted by The Christian Post, February 19

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