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Brigham sold his interests to his medical director, Vikram Kaji, whose medical license was suspended in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s for sexually abusing patients and wrongly prescribing controlled substances.

In 2013, the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners found that Kaji, 79, “had failed to adequately fulfill his responsibilities as medical director,” a job that includes overseeing controlled substances. Kaji admitted he had suffered a stroke that had affected his memory and vision, and was ordered to undergo “neuropsychological evaluation,” according to public records….

Pennsylvania banished Brigham [pictured right] after years of intermittent sanctions for flouting health and safety laws, particularly by employing unqualified or unlicensed workers in his clinics.

Among those workers: Kaji, a Bombay-trained obstetrician-gynecologist.

Kaji went to work for Brigham in the mid-1990s while his license was restricted in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Kaji admitted having sex with a patient in his Yardley office, improperly prescribing controlled substances for her, and giving two other patients improper rectal or breast exams.

~ Marie McCullough, The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 28

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