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  • Saynsumthn’s Blog shows the unintentional hilarity of some pro-choicers who thought they’d mock pro-life beliefs by writing “Not a chicken” on unfertilized Easter eggs.
  • At the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Alex Schadenberg says Democratic New Hampshire State Rep. Michael Cahill “offered euthanasia as a solution during the budget debate last week.” He reportedly stated, “Since we are refusing to raise revenues to fund services for the disabled, for example, have you looked at euthanasia?” If that was supposed to be a joke, it wasn’t a good one.


  • 40 Days for Life reminds us that the pro-life movement is a movement of converts:

    We are not a movement of saints, but of sinners. We are a movement of converts. And among those converts are people who once stood firm in their belief in abortion. But they were wrong – and they admitted it.

    The pro-life movement is not led by those who wave their moral fingers at women who have abortions or workers who sell abortion. In fact, many of the leaders are women who have had abortions… and the people who sold them those abortions.

    Over the past 42 years, we have seen many hearts change. Abortion doctors, abortion workers, women who have had abortions, men who have paid for abortions and baby-boomers who sincerely supported “reproductive rights” have become pro-life.

  • At Live Action News, Adam Peters discusses Ryerson University in Toronto and their refusal to allow a pro-life club member status on their campus under the guise of protecting the campus from “groups, meetings, or events that promote misogynist views towards woman (sic) and ideologies that promote gender inequity, challenges women’s right (sic) to bodily autonomy, or justifies (sic) sexual assault.” Peters responds, “If the RSU’s board members are serious about opposing misogyny, sexual assault, and gender inequality, then they should stop worrying about pro-lifers and take a look at the abortion industry; it enables all three.”
  • Bound4Life, posts about a reported “breakthrough” in medical science which produces organs available for transplant. But this breakthrough is extremely controversial: the organs are harvested from aborted babies, transplanted into lab rats and grown for eventual transplant into humans – a process is known as xenotransplantation.

    Their reasoning for using organs from aborted humans is that the organs would simply go to waste otherwise. Our own Jill Stanek remarked on this process, as quoted by CNS News:

    It is easy to see where this is heading: toward the day when human beings will be grown in the lab specifically for organ and tissue harvesting. This is horrific on so many levels.


  • Kansans for Life comments on a PBS show that features doctors and nurses treating pre-born children for defects and problems in utero instead of killing them via abortion:

    Twice Born focuses on treating serious medical problems detected in the womb, including invasive tumors, spina bifida, and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. The first show was well-paced and personalized the staff, particularly one physician whose daughter has a degenerative disease.

    But beyond the pathos of the medical conditions depicted, and beyond the admiration for the dedication and compassion of the medical staff, a deliberate feeling kept rising in me: THIS is what medicine naturally aspires to… how marvelous… how noble! This is what physicians SHOULD be doing!

  • Big Blue Wave says despite the pro-choice narrative attempting to paint Purvi Patel’s self-induced abortion/feticide as a “miscarriage,” it wasn’t:

    This is not about criminalizing miscarriage.

    Do you really believe that pro-life women such as myself, who have had miscarriages, would seek to criminalize a natural miscarriage?


    There’s a difference between a natural miscarriage, one whose cause is usually unknown and unprovoked and that induced by pills or other means.

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