by Kelli

Emily wrote, “Children deserve so much, and if you don’t start with a solid platform, how can you ever give them that? I’m sure I could have done fine, eventually….”

But she didn’t believe she would have done fine. She allowed fear to rob her of hope. She saw only darkness. She believed she couldn’t give her child a good life. She looked into the future and saw “a version of tenuous, exhausted motherhood stretched out in front of her, and it didn’t look anything like the one she’d always envisioned, with healthy meals, the right toys, two parents.”

She believed this, despite the fact that millions of children live happy lives every day with less. She speaks of children deserving so much. Yes, they do, and what they deserve most is to live. Life is more important than the right toys, the right food, or even two parents. Emily didn’t believe that.

So she aborted her baby. This, I believe, is often the motivation of many women who kill their children. They believe the life they’d always envisioned for their children — and for themselves — won’t be realized, so they choose to abort….

Women who abort their children do it because they say they want a better life. But it’s not a better life they want — it’s an easier one. It’s a life without outward struggle, without the consequences of choices already made. It is easier. But it’s not better. It’s never better. Death is never better.

If I had chosen to abort my baby, I would have chosen death. Blood spilled to wash away my sins. Another’s life taken so I could have mine, so I could be free of the consequences of my choice to have sex. But the blood of a child can never fix what is broken. That sacrifice is a lie.

~ D.C. McAllister, referring to a Washington Post story in which a woman describes her reasons for aborting her child, The Federalist, May 11

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