Today, The Center for Medical Progress released the 8th in its series of investigative videos exposing the baby parts trafficking industry, spearheaded by the United States’ largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

CMP’s new video features a May 22, 2015, restaurant meeting held between its investigators posing as fetal procurement agents and representatives from StemExpress, a fetal procurement company.

After CMP began releasing videos of its undercover investigation in mid-July, SE officials soon realized they had been part of the sting and sued on July 31 to block release of any video involving it.

On August 21, a California judge lifted a temporary restraining order, and today CMP showed what it had.


The video proves the profit motive behind the StemExpress/Planned Parenthood partnership, exposing the criminal nature of their fetal trafficking enterprise.

StemExpress partners with an “almost triple digit” number of abortion clinics, about half of which are Planned Parenthoods, according to Dyer, the other half being independent mills.

At the time of the videotaped meeting, StemExpress’s Medical Director was Dr. Ronald Berman, an abortionist who works for California’s Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, “the largest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the country,” according to PPMM’s website.

(Also recall StemExpress’s brochure, which touted the “fiscal rewards” of supplying aborted baby parts at least six times, included an endorsement by “Dr. Dorothy Furgerson, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte.” Furgerson is Chief Medical Officer of PPMM.)

StemExpress has been harvesting and paying for body parts at Planned Parenthood since 2010. SE is a $4.5 million company.

In the video Dyer makes clear, as did SE’s brochure, that there is a profit incentive for abortion clinics, asking the investigators, “Do you feel like there are clinics out there that have been burned, that feel like they’re doing all this work for research and it hasn’t been profitable for them? I haven’t seen that.”

2015-08-25_0618The laws of supply and demand would also point to there being lots of money in harvesting baby parts, Dyer indicating in the video they just can’t get enough livers. In answer to the investigator’s question, “What would keep your lab happy?” she responded, “Another 50 livers a week.” Another 50 livers a week?

Since the TRO was lifted late last week, StemExpress has denied it receives or ships intact aborted babies, stating “intact case” refers only to body parts.

This denial is an attempt to preclude charges of being an accessory to murder, since orders for tissue often specify that no feticides be present in tissue, since these would contaminate. In other words, these orders specify babies not be killed before the abortion procedure is started. And intact aborted babies are evidence of potential live births.

Yet, a StemExpress email itemizing fetal tissue needed a certain day, which CMP has posted on its website, requests a “7wks/Whole Embryo” (“RPMI” indicating the medium in which to ship the baby):


Also in the video, Dyer jokes about shipping whole heads of aborted babies, since brain tissue is “insanely fragile”:

Buyer: You do it as the whole calvarium [head].
SE: Yeah, that’s the easiest way. And we’ve actually had good success with that.
Buyer: Make sure the eyes are closed!
SE: Yeah! [laughter] Tell the lab it’s coming!
Buyer: Yeah.
SE: They’ll open the box, go, ”Oh God!” [laughter]

As explained in previous videos, the head is the largest part of a baby’s body, difficult to abort whole unless dilating the cervix far enough to basically deliver an intact baby, or by committing a version of a partial birth abortion.

Dyer also jokes in the video about abortionists who mistake blood clots for liver, “So, you know, we’ve seen plenty of those. We can always tell right away because it’s just red water by the time it gets to us. So, you know, it’s like, ‘Whoa, it disappeared, how did it crawl out of the container?'”


Also revealed, as pro-lifers have chronicled for years by posting health department incident reports, is the ”rampant problems with bacteria in certain clinics,” according to Dyer, including staph, all which leads her to question “should they really, you know….” um, be in the business?

Yet, Dyer never indicates she has done anything to clean up the abortion industry’s act. As always, profit dictates, not the health and safety of women.

Read CMP’s press statement on the release of this video here.

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