Attorney says Enyart quoted him out of context

thomas more2.jpgYesterday, I posted an email from Bob Enyart, in which he accused some pro-life groups of “fraudulent PBA [partial-birth abortion]fundraising.”
In that email Enyart included four “[q]uotes admitting the truth about the legal authority of the PBA ban.” One of those was:

Thomas More Society’s Pro-Life Law Center: special counsel Paul Linton authored amicus briefs to the U. S. Supreme Court in the partial-birth abortion cases, and said of the PBA ruling: “It’s not going to stop any abortions as such,” he said. “They’re still going to take place by other means.”

I have received this email from Paul Linton, whom Enyart quoted above, objecting to Enyart’s use of his quote out of context and calling on Enyart to alert all those to whom he has misquoted Linton:

I wanted to respond to the e-mail Bob Enyart apparently has circulated regarding the impact of the Supreme Court’s partial-birth abortion ban decision in April (Gonzales v. Carhart). The e-mail quotes comments I made, in my capacity as Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society (Chicago, Illinois), about the Court’s decision, to Bob Unruh of World Net Daily….

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President and VP of American Right to Life resign

This incident happened almost 2 months ago, but I only learned of it this morning.
FYIs before reading the resignation letter: Brian Rohrbough was the president of American Right to Life, Steve Curtis was the VP, and Pastor Bob Enyart was the “key person” alluded to. Click to enlarge. Also read via pdf
ARTL resignation letter.png
Since this morning I have either spoken to or exchanged emails with Brian, Steve, and Pastor Bob….

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Pro-life bad boys goin’ to jail

Last September I wrote about American Right to Life protesters entering Focus on the Family headquarters and refusing to leave. This resulted in their arrest.
artl protester.jpgFOTF prosecuted, and the guilty verdict was handed down May 8. Sentencing came June 10. According to the Associated Press:

Judge Spencer Gresham sentenced Kenneth Scott to 11 days in jail and Rev. Bob Enyart to 9 days for their role in a Sept. 4 protest against FOTF founder James Dobson’s decision to endorse GOP presidential candidate John McCain.
Gresham also fined Enyart’s brother Brian $100, which he agreed to pay….

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Jivin J’s Life Links 6-05-09

web grab.jpgby JivinJ

  • The Washington Post has an article on late-term abortions which basically allows Warren Hern, Leroy Carhart and the National Abortion Federation’s Vicky Saporta to make a number of unsubstantiated claims about the women who come to them for post-viability abortions and the only response is a couple of short quotes from Operation Rescue.
    Why couldn’t the Post find a pro-life doctor who specializes in helping women who want to carry their children with fetal anomalies to term?
  • Meanwhile, the LA Times features an article on Warren Hern and his clinic. Apparently, the only pro-lifer they could find to reply to Hern was CO Right to Life’s Bob Enyart, who has two quotes…

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  • Jivin J’s Life Links 5-13-09, Part I

    web grab.jpgby JivinJ

  • Ross Douthat‘s latest op-ed in the New York Times discusses Obama‘s differing strategies on abortion and same-sex marriage:

    Among their many aspirations for his presidency, Barack Obama’s admirers nurse a persistent hope that he might be able to end the culture wars. And by end, they generally mean win. The real hope is a final victory for cultural liberalism, and social conservatism’s permanent eclipse.
    These hopes are overstated, but not necessarily irrational. Four months in, the Obama administration does seem to have a plausible strategy for turning the “social issues” to liberalism’s advantage. The outline is simple: engage on abortion, and punt on gay rights….

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  • ARTL crashes NRLC’s party

    Last year members of CO Right to Life openly challenged National Right to Life’s support (among others) of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban by taking out newspaper ads and threatening a class action lawsuit.
    The disagreement culminated in CRTL hosting a hostile hospitality suite at the 2007 NRLC convention and being ousted as an affiliate.
    That led to the formation of American Right to Life, which is now focused on establishing personhood at conception through state and federal legislative efforts.
    At the just held NRLC convention, ARTL surprised everyone by hosting a hospitality suite at the Crystal City Hyatt where NRLC was meeting. This info comes from ARTL, reporting about its 1st day, July 3. The controversy didn’t make Also didn’t see any MSM coverage, although MSM surely had no clue what was going on….
    artl nrlc 4.jpg

    Scores of NRTL conventioneers are streaming into the ARTL suites to enjoy good food and drink, and to consider the moral argument for the personhood strategy toward ending “legalized” child killing….
    The Hyatt told ARTL that we could place a poster advertisement for our hospitality suite on a tripod in their lobby inviting folks to our Regency Suite to celebrate the “personhood amendment on CO’s November ballot!” Four things happened immediately after Hyatt personnel placed our poster in their lobby….

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    American Right to Life response

    Pastor Bob Enyart of American Right to Life has responded to my post yesterday in part lamenting ARTL’s corporate – seemingly sole – strategy of denegrating fellow pro-lifers.
    I welcome the opportunity this forum presents to dialogue. Here is Pastor Enyart’s response in its entirety. I have only broken up paragraphs for easier reading.
    American RTL Reply to Jill Stanek, re: Judging Motives

    Jill, in yesterday’s blog your comments are critical of American RTL but thank you for writing them. We all need to ask God to search our hearts, and we appreciate you giving us a reminder to do so, and we will.
    Let me start by…

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    Aurora: ground zero

    From the Chicago Tribune, today (read entire story on page 2):

    … Seldom do opponents and supporters of abortion rights agree across one of the nation’s most contentious political divides. But as Planned Parenthood fights to open a 22,000-square-foot clinic in Aurora this week, both sides concur that this city of 170,000 is a pivotal battleground on the national stage.
    “It is playing out very big across the country,” said American Life League Vice President Jim Sedlak, who travels extensively, seeking ways to shut down abortion providers. “Aurora has shown the pro-life community that given the right set of circumstances, they can get thousands of people out, and now everyone wants to do that.”…
    In a recent e-mail to supporters, Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president, highlighted the struggle in Aurora.
    “Something amazing is happening. Right now, this very moment,” Richards wrote. “Ground zero in the fight for women’s access to reproductive health care just landed in a town in the middle of America.”…
    Eric Scheidler, an Aurora resident and spokesman for the Pro-Life Action League, says he has been inundated with calls for advice from allies in Georgia, Florida, New York, Oregon and throughout the Midwest.
    “I’ve never seen an issue that galvanized the pro-life community like this,” Scheidler said. “Trying to get even 40 people to get out to an abortion picket is like pulling teeth. I’m getting 100, 200, 300 people, day after day.”…

    [Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune]

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