Planned Parenthood’s “Take care down there” nominated for Webby Award

Webby_Logo.jpgby intern Heather B.
The Webby Award, according to the official website, is the “leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet.” This year marks the website’s 13th Annual Webby Awards Commencement Gala, to be held June 8 in NYC.
Nominated websites will be judged in categories ranging from “Billpaying” and “Beauty” to more prestigious superlatives, dubbing some lucky recipients with the “Best Home/Welcome Page” and “Best Use of Animation/Motion Graphics” titles. The awards attract an audience exceeding 10k.
This year’s “Health” category nominee? Planned Parenthood‘s graphic “Take Care Down There” sex-education website, brought to light on this blog in the past….

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Planned Parenthood’s “Take care down there” videos removed!

JivinJ and I have been writing since the end of July about Planned Parenthood’s vulgar “Take care down there” website.
On that (full) front(al assault), good news from the American Life League this afternoon:

Score one for the Good Guys!!! Because of the wide-spread attention you gave our ALL Report on Planned Parenthood’s DISGUSTING website, the story made its way onto the main-stream media.

take care down tehre 2.gif

You can see our ALL report on it here: and here. The resulting bad publicity forced PP to remove ALL of the offensive videos!
This is the New Media in action! When you draw as much attention as you did to the nastiness of PP, the drive-by media can no longer ignore what’s going on. Kudos to all of you for making this a big deal, and Glory be to God for His grace, aiding in our struggle….
Keep up the good fight. We forced the enemy to retreat, now let’s press on!

Hannity on Planned Parenthood’s Take Care Down There

UPDATE, 7:15a:While trying to figure out the problems on the site yesterday, I removed this post in case it contained html language or something else that was upsetting the system. So sorry, the three comments made before I took the post down are also gone. Am reposting now….
On August 17, Hannity’s America ran an expose segment on Planned Parenthood’s sexually explicit and downright creepy Take Care Down There internet site.
Hannity wondered if Barack Obama really wants to brag about his association with PP…

Take care down there

JivinJ wrote on July 30 about Planned Parenthood of Columbia Williamette’s sexually explicit website,
take care.gifStudents for Life of America has confirmed that this PP is taxpayer funded.
So you and I are paying for this website that features two men having unprotected oral sex with the punch line, “I didn’t spew,” and a girl telling friends she’s choosing masturbation over partying with them that night. And that’s just the start.
SFL released a video today wherein a PP rep confirmed the location sponsoring the site receives Title X funds.
SFL also shows a clip of the oral sex couple asking in its release, “[since] the teen servicing his partner is African-American and the teen being serviced is white… [i]s this one more example of PP’s tendencies towards racism?

Pro-abort docs fret over “standards of care” in RU-486 reversals

Father Pavone poses with young family following news conference in Washington on RU-486 reversal protocolby Kelli

The “reversals” also show that the ingestion of medication abortion drugs is never a sure thing when it comes to terminating a pregnancy. While anti-abortion activists tout the alleged “high complication rates” of the process, what they conveniently leave out is that the most common complication is that the patient remains pregnant, and that the protocol needs to be followed up with D&C or vacuum aspiration abortion in order to end the pregnancy….

Why is the “reversal” apparently so successful then? Primarily it is because those who are trying to continue the pregnancy are already in the midst of a failed medication abortion to start with….

“There’s no evidence of any demonstrable effect of the ‘treatment’ these anti-abortion centers are marketing,” Dr. Cheryl Chastine, a provider at South Wind Women’s Center in Wichita, Kansas, said. “The medical literature is quite clear that mifepristone on its own is only about 50 percent effective at ending a pregnancy. That means that even if these doctors were to offer a large dose of purple Skittles, they’d appear to have ‘worked’ to ‘save’ the pregnancy about half the time. Those numbers are consistent with what these people are reporting.”

Dr. Chastine isn’t alone in her assessment. Dr. Dan Grossman, vice president for research at Ibis Reproductive Health [and pro-abortion author at RH Reality Check], told Iowa Public Radio that the “treatment” was unlikely to be doing anything at all.

“[The abortion pill] binds much more tightly to the progesterone receptor, to block it than progesterone itself does…. So there really is not much evidence to indicate, I’m really not aware of anything, that by increasing the amount of progesterone you’re gonna somehow block the effect of this drug….

I think this is really outside of standard of care to just begin doing this kind of treatment, without collecting more rigorous studies about its effectiveness.”

~ Robin Marty, questioning whether attempting to save babies like Gabriel Caicedo (pictured above with his parents and Fr. Frank Pavone) is worth it, Talking Points Memo, March 2

Note: The function of mifepristone is to block progesterone receptors (which is why, in an abortion pill reversal, an extra injection of progesterone is given to counteract these effects). Mifepristone “directly causes endometrial decidual degeneration, cervical softening and dilatation, release of endogenous prostaglandins, and an increase in the sensitivity of the myometrium to the contractile effects of prostaglandins. Mifepristone-induced decidual breakdown indirectly leads to trophoblast detachment, resulting in decreased syncytiotrophoblast production of hCG, which in turn causes decreased production of progesterone by the corpus luteum (pregnancy is dependent on progesterone production by the corpus luteum through the first 9 weeks of gestation—until placental progesterone production has increased enough to take the place of corpus luteum progesterone production).”

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Obama, Dems shut down Amber Alert website; restore under pressure


Above was the headline on Drudge until a few moments ago. Below was the message one got when trying to access until a couple hours ago:


The latest, from The Guardian:

The Amber Alert child abduction notification system remained fully functional during the government shutdown, the Department of Justice insisted on Monday, despite its website being taken offline for a week.

The site was brought back online on Monday morning after a weekend of speculation, criticism and crowing over the weekend, particularly from rightwing commentators….

But the fuss was misplaced, the Justice Department said….

Although the website did carry a message saying it was unavailable “due to the lapse in federal funding”, the DOJ said the site merely carries information “about DOJ’s role in providing trainings to states on how to have amber alert system”, CNN’s Jake Tapper reported.

But erecting roadblocks to Ambert Alerts in any way whatsoever hinders the program. As I tweeted earlier this morning:

Meanwhile, not only has Michelle Obama’s website continued throughout the government shutdown without interruption, ”Barack Obama’s federally funded golf course remains open,” according to Erick Erickson.

So Obama has gone from targeting elderly World War II veterans to targeting missing children. But who should be surprised? Pro-lifers warned that a president who endorses partial-birth abortion and post-abortion infanticide will show similar disregard to persons at other stages of life.


But if we didn’t know it before, we know now via the Amber Alerts snafu that Obama/Democrat decisions on what government functions remain open and what don’t are completely arbitrary. As a matter of fact, did you know

… the Washington Examiner on Saturday reported that only 17% of the federal government is shutdown, which would beg the question as to why a safety system such as the Amber Alert system is down.

This is another reason that, as Erickson reported:

Republicans are winning the shutdown fight, and Democrats know it.

People turning on the news this week came away with the knowledge that it was about Obamacare and kept hearing that Democrats wouldn’t negotiate. They also learned that for some reason the President didn’t want Word War II veterans to tour their own memorial, and Harry Reid won’t turn the funding on for cancer clinical trials at the NIH. Oh, and the rollout for Obamacare is one big glitch.

In addition to, and/or put another way:

Since the shutdown, John Hawkins of on Friday noted six things that the public has learned about the Democrats from the government shutdown.

Hawkins listing includes Harry Reid doesn’t care about kids with cancer, Barack Obama is willing to deliberately tank the stock market for political reasons, Democrats don’t care if Obamacare works or not, the Democrats absolutely, positively will not compromise, Democrats don’t care about veterans, and Democrats in Congress believe they should be exempt from Obamacare.

There is one shutdown I’m particularly happy about, even as I roll my eyes…

Obamacare’s covert support of assisted suicide

ObamaCaredeathtaxesGuest post by Michael Cahill, Vista Health Solutions

Within the voluminous Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) legislation, if you look closely enough, you can find some interesting things that have been glossed over by the mainstream media. Things like secret abortion surcharges and assisted suicide, just to name a couple.

The controversy over federally endorsed abortion and its hidden surcharges has been well documented in conservative media. But there hasn’t been much coverage of late about the legislation’s covert support for physician-assisted suicide.

Currently, only four states in the country legally allow assisted suicide. Vermont, Washington, and Oregon have unrestricted laws, meaning that the administration of life ending drugs is up to the discretion of the patient and his doctor (also it’s covered by insurance). In Montana, assisted suicide is legal through a court order. In the other 46 states, the practice is illegal and has been for most of the last century.

Section 1553

The piece of legislation in question is Section 1553 of the Affordable Care Act, which reads as follows:

(a) In General – The Federal Government, and any State or local government or health care provider that receives Federal financial assistance under this Act (or under an amendment made by this Act) or any health plan created under this Act (or under an amendment made by this Act), may not subject an individual or institutional health care entity to discrimination on the basis that the entity does not provide any health care item or service furnished for the purpose of causing, or for the purpose of assisting in causing, the death of any individual, such as by assisted suicide, euthanasia, or mercy killing.

To break it down, if a terminally ill patient requests that his doctor help him end his life, and the doctor refuses for moral reasons or whatever the case may be, that doctor is protected by federal law against discrimination. This can be a saving grace for doctors who may subsequently be targeted by insurance companies because of their refusal to help patients end their lives.

PhysicianAssistedSuicideWhile this section is likely a relief to many opposed to assisted suicide, at the same time it’s also disturbing. The section essentially accepts that the norm is for doctors to prescribe lethal doses of a medication for a patient if he asks for it. This flies in the face of the more logical option which might be working with the patient to fight the disease or encouraging him to seek a second or third opinion before considering killing himself.

So what does this mean for the future?

The language of section 1553 seems to be intentionally vague. It’s not much of a jump to conclude that it was written with the intention of providing some cover to physicians performing assisted suicides in the states where it’s illegal.

A case arguing as such could very well be taken all the way to the Supreme Court, leading to a Roe v. Wade-type ruling in favor of assisted suicide. Could that be the Obama administration’s goal in including this section? Likely not, but it could still be an unintended outcome of it.

On a different level, it’s also discouraging that the administration chose not to definitively weigh in on the assisted suicide debate at a federal level. Their decision goes against the clear will of the nation, with assisted suicide considered a felony in most states.

Maybe this is because of the president’s personal stance on the issue. In a March 2008 interview, then presidential candidate Barack Obama said that Oregon “did a service” to the country in passing assisted suicide legislation.

He went on to say that while he would be hesitant to legalize assisted suicide nationwide, the United States has to think about these “end of life issues” because of our rising elderly population. Toward the end of the interview he ultimately voiced his support for terminally ill assisted suicide.

In less than six months, the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act will kick in. What the legislation will mean for pro-life Americans has already been reported on extensively. But the question remains, will the worst of those predictions come true? It’s sad to say, but right now things don’t look too hopeful.

Michael Cahill is Editor of the Vista Health Solutions blog. He has a degree in Journalism from SUNY New Paltz and previously worked as a reporter for the Poughkeepsie Journal and an editor for the Rockland County Times. Follow him on Twitter at @VistaHealth and @ElectronicMike

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Obama’s support of infanticide takes center stage in Republican presidential debate

2/24, 6:40a: Conservatives are ripping Politico’s Alexander Burns for incorrectly identifying the object of Newt Gingrich’s criticism as Barack Obama’s opposition to a partial birth abortion ban rather than the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Read this Newsbusters piece and this Red State piece. I’m also heartened by the volume of commenters who called Burns out… who correctly identified and explained Obama’s BAIPA flak.

2/23, 10:36a: When I wrote yesterday of the unforeseen consequences for the Left of making an issue of contraception, I didn’t see this one coming. But it’s rich.

Last night during CNN’s Republican presidential debate, Newt Gingrich deftly turned a question about birth control into an indictment against the media for suppressing President Barack Obama’s opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act when he was state senator…


Gingrich said:

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