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Ted Nugent: “Abortion, not guns, eliminating inner-city population”

The purpose of kicking little Billy out of school for drawing a picture of a gun or wearing a pro-gun t-shirt or eating a locked and loaded pop-tart is to simply vilify guns, or in the words of Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder, to “brainwash” Americans against the Second Amendment…. Of course, if a kid […]

Inaccurate female genitalia display to counter accurate abortion display

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No surprise, a Planned Parenthood panel will tonight kick off a two-day event to be held March 7 and 8 at the University of Cincinnati, sponsored by UC’s LGBTQ Alliance and UC Feminists.

Spoof: Roe vs. Wade looking hot at 40

You remind me so much of that Democrat, Margaret Sanger, who succeeds with her plan to this very day to get blacks to participate in their own genocide, and use charming black folks to encourage other blacks to feel empowered and enlightened for believing that killing their children is okay. Yeah baby, I remember our […]

Ban abortions for white supremacy?

Guest post by Paul Revere

In the aftermath of last week’s elections, much has been made of the demographic problem Republicans may face in coming elections. Black and Hispanic voters consistently give a majority of their votes to Democratic candidates, and this was especially true in 2012. With the Hispanic population expected to continue its substantial growth in America – it made up more than half of the growth in America’s population between 2000 and 2010, and grew by 43% in that time period, both according to the Census – many in the media have focused on this as a topic of discussion.

Unfortunately, one of those discussions included a very racist, and factually inaccurate, half-joke on MSNBC.

Inside Congressional caucus briefing on how to block pro-life gains in black community

On May 10 the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus were honorary co-hosts of a wordy briefing entitled, “African Americans’ Attitudes on Abortion, Contraception, and Reproductive, Justice: From Public Opinion to Policymaking,” held at the U.S. Capitol.

On the agenda:

Democrats and Republicans are not the same when it comes to pro-life positions

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnbpWWYtPag[/youtube]The Republican Party is pejoratively considered the far right wing for two main reasons: Because the majority of us are Christian conservative and because of our pro-life stance. And I think it’s unwise of this movie to try to lump Republicans in with the far left, and the eugenics movement, and alienate the party that […]

Review of “Gates of Hell”

UPDATE 3/28, 1:15p: Molotov has sent me his thoughts and given permission to post:

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t love it. So far, roughly 90-95% of the pro-life leaders who’ve seen it have loved it.

If you’re going to write a critical review, keep in mind that “Gates of Hell” was designed to manufacture tension. It dramatically creates a crisis so disturbing that comfortable, apathetic moderates are forced to confront the injustice at hand, for better or for worse. Much like Jesus Christ, anyone who watches the film will love, hate or fear it, and that’s by design. Indifference is just not an option.

As MLK said, justice comes before peace!

3/27, 6:55p: The movie Gates of Hell has been controversial among pro-lifers since its trailer was posted almost a year ago. In February the film was released on DVD “in honor of black history month.”

Pro-life activist goes off on Planned Parenthood’s racial hypocrisy

Ludwig: the Democrat Party has arrested the development of the the black community. Your objective is to keep the Black community in a state of dependency. They are useful to the Democrats as a voter stock. And being as your occupation is the killing of children (most of which are black), I’m sure it’s safe […]

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