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I’m as tired of asking for donations as you, please help!

2014-09-28_1107Yuck, I don’t like asking for donations. Didn’t have to do it for the first eight years of this blog’s existence.

But here I am, and the process is admittedly painful! I realize there are a gazillion organizations asking for donations, and this is just one more. All I can say is this blog gets traction. If you are passionate about online pro-life activism, as I am, this is a good investment.

What would really help is ongoing monthly support. How does $5 a month sound? That’s one cup of barista coffee, one McDonalds meal, one magazine.

If 200 people would donate $5 a month, (YOU?), we’d be set. Or 100 at $10. Or 40 at $25. Or 10 at $100. Or one at $1000.

I have eight signed copies of The Race to Save Our Century by Jason Jones and John Zmirak left for those donating $10+/month.

For those donating $5/month I have t-shirts (size L) for the new movie, The Song, just out in theaters on September 26. It is based on the Biblical book Song of Solomon, and it looks good! Here’s the trailer…

Help JillStanek.com reach fundraising goal!

2014-07-20_0905This week, due in part to connections I’ve been able to establish across the pro-life spectrum, I was able to:

Each of these stories took several hours to several days to investigate and pull together. I was only enabled to do this thanks to the generosity of pro-lifers who freed my time to focus on pro-life journalism.

JillStanek.com needs you!

2014-07-20_0905I’ve realized over the course of time I’m basically attracted to write three types of posts, those that 1) uplift pro-lifers, 2) expose the pro-abortion underbelly, or 3) discourage abortion proponents.

Under construction

We switched to a new server last night… and promptly crashed it. So in reverting back to our old server this morning, the work I did for today was lost (and some of your comments perhaps?), and now I’m not going to be able to recreate that work until this afternoon. So that’s what’s up, […]

I have issues

Some of you may have noticed my site has been running incredibly slow and even crashed several times the last couple weeks. This was in large part due to the increasing volume of traffic, for which I am grateful! Interest in the Komen/Planned Parenthood battle was quite high, and then we moved right into the […]

Why site was down yesterday

The blog was offline all day yesterday, I think for the longest span of time in my six years of blogging. What happened was the server’s computer hard drive died, so my files had to be transferred to another hard drive. Since I have so many archived files, this took awhile.  The first attempt failed […]

Blog this and thats 8-30-10

1. We’ve fixed most of the issues related to the software move. I only know of a few outstanding bugs, and I don’t think you’ll notice what I notice because they’re imperfections in a couple of the plugins I still hope to refine. That said, when I asked you previously if you knew of anything […]

Software move complete!

I said in a previous post that when we completed our move from 1 software (MovableType) to another (WordPress) I’d go over the improvements with you. So here we are! The move took place about 2 weeks ago, and Kelli, the moderators, and I have been evaluating and working out bugs since. Which is not […]

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