Plan: Class action lawsuit by pro-lifers against pro-lifers

enyart2.jpgI was forwarded the following email from a reliable source, sent from Bob Enyart, one of the organizers of the group I wrote about today in my WND column.
The plan outlined is tragic. The email also contains what seems to me a veiled threat:

Hello XXX…
Out of our friendship, and your friendship with XXX, I’d like to let you know that we have begun collecting notarized affidavits toward a class-action lawsuit to recover damages for fraudulent PBA fundraising, so far we’re working with donors in fourteen states. There has been a hesitancy to launch such a lawsuit, but it will be filed against NRLC [National Right to Life Committee] if they disenfranchise CRLC [Colorado Right to Life] (which might happen at a Wednesday hearing in Kansas City, MO). If such a suit is filed, it could expand to target multiple organizations. If you make sure to include Dr. Dobon’s assessment (quoted just below) or its equivalent, in any fundraising effort that mentions PBA, I would then make every effort to exclude your organization from such a suit…..
Thanks again,
Bob Enyart
Also relevant:
Quotes admitting the truth about the legal authority of the PBA ban, a truth that was hidden from donors during the many years of PBA fundraising:
Thomas More Society’s Pro-Life Law Center: special counsel Paul Linton authored amicus briefs to the U. S. Supreme Court in the partial-birth abortion cases, and said of the PBA ruling: “It’s not going to stop any abortions as such,” he said. “They’re still going to take place by other means.”’s Bob Unruh wrote about the partial-birth-abortion ruling, that there is “the fact that the legal ruling, itself, does not and cannot be used to proscribe [prohibit] a single abortion….”
FRC in a Washington Post story: “Chuck Donovan, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, a Washington advocacy group allied with Dobson, said… “there are certainly a fair number of people, including in our own building, who think… that, practically, there may not be even one fewer abortion in the country as a result.” The Post quotes another source: “…the partial-birth abortion ban as a fundraising technique has brought in over a quarter of a billion dollars” for major antiabortion groups, “but the ban has no authority to prevent a single abortion , and pro-life donors were never told that….”
Dr. James Dobson : “Ending partial-birth abortion… does not save a single human life.” -Focus on the Family website, May 2007.

FYI, I will post details later how the Partial Birth Abortion Ban has and will help the pro-life effort.

Pro-life hardliners instigate two-front war

dobson2.jpgA week ago I noted with regret the attempt by pro-life purists to cause friction in the pro-life movement.
On May 23 they distributed a press release entitled, “Rift opens in Christian Right unprecedented criticism of Dobson by major ministries,” to announce they placed an ad in a CO newspaper shaming Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family for supporting the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. The title of their release revealed their intent: to cause public dissension in the pro-life ranks. I said while I admired many people in this group, I did not think this was good.
Since then, the group’s organizer, Pastor Bob Enyart, has been raising money to rerun the ad, which I consider a tragic use of pro-life funds. Indeed, the ad ran in the Washington Times May 30, and the group plans to run it at least one more time.
enyart.jpgPastor Enyart fueled the fire last week with this headline on his site: “Dobson’s staff: ‘3rd trimester abortion banned!'”
He linked to a phone call one of his staff made to FOTF wherein an employee did mistate this about the effect of the PBA Ban, although she semi-recovered by reading the factual details.
It seemed clear to me from listening to the call (which can be heard by scrolling about halfway down this page) she was simply foggy about the ban and was not intentionally lying.
I emailed Carrie Gordon Earll, Senior Director, FOTF, and asked for clarification. I did not believe FOTF would intentionally spread such blatantly false information.
Earll authorized publication of her response on my blog, which is:

Focus on the Family is aware that Bob Enyart Live has played a clip of a secretly taped phone conversation with one of our staff members and has posted that conversation on a web site. During that conversation, our representative incorrectly stated that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban (upheld in Gonzales v. Carhart) prohibits abortion in the third trimester. We handle a significant volume of calls on a wide variety of topics, and mistakes do occur on occasion. We strive for accuracy, so when we make an error, we welcome the opportunity to “set the record straight.”

I emailed Pastor Enyart several days ago expressing my concerns. He acknowledged receiving my note and said he would respond but has not. A reminder email I sent last night has gone unanswered.
There are two issues at stake here, the concept of a two-front war and the strategical differences between pro-life purists (win all or nothing) and incrementalists (win a little at a time).
Re: the latter, I’m fairly certain after reading and discussing this topic that the purist/incrementalist debate is akin to the Protestant/Catholic debate. It will never be resolved.
constitution.jpgIncrementalists appear to accept our differences and are focusing energy/money on pro-aborts. I think incrementatlists agree it is fine if purists want to pursue a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution. There are a number other ways they can pursue their strategy, such as spotlight education against the rape/incest exception.
Purists appear to not accept our differences and are focusing at least some of their energy/money on attacking fellow pro-lifers. It seems to me the voices of purists are growing louder as incrementalism demonstrates success.
The two camps simply disagree in strategy. But we should agree that one losing strategy is to launch a war against one another.

Pro-life dissension on PBA ban

Pro-abort hardliners aren’t all who oppose the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. Some pro-life hardliners do as well.
From Alan Keyes, April 28:

… I cannot join in, or even understand, the approbation which others have expressed for this decision. It is in fact an abominable affirmation of the Court’s unconstitutional decisions in Roe and Casey. With grotesquely meticulous care, the man whose pivotal vote preserved so-called abortion rights in the Casey decision (Justice Kennedy) carves out an exception intended to prove and strengthen the rules set forth in Roe and Casey….

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Breaking news: New group challenges National Right to Life

breaking.jpgI was given this news tip yesterday, but actually Time magazine broke the story November 21, which no one apparently picked up on, perhaps because it was only posted online:

[B]ut what’s clear is that the anti-abortion movement is fractured. Colorado Right to Life has a mailing list of 10,000 and a $100,000 budget but is no longer affiliated with the National Right to Life Committee – “kicked out,” says [CRTL spokesman and Denver Christian radio talk show host Bob] Enyart. He explains that the NRLC has refused to back “personhood” for decades, citing the unlikelihood that it would pass muster with the U.S. Supreme Court….
And this week in Washington, the same coalition, with representatives from 12 states, plans to announce a new national splinter group – American Right to Life – which will be headed by Brian Rohrbough, whose son Daniel died in the Columbine shootings and who has been an outspoken critic of the American “culture of death.”

Here’s more of the scoop, provided by Leslie Hanks of CRTL and ARTL, who I called after getting the tip….

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