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Stanek weekend question: Why don’t abortion supporters believe the abortionists?

nic-nie-widze-mowie-slyszeFrom moderator Carla comes a simple question: Why don’t those who support abortion believe what abortionists say about it?

For example, abortionist Curtis Boyd, who runs late-term clinics in Dallas and Albuquerque, made a “jarring admission” during an interview with WFAA in 2009:

Stanek weekend question: What is your view of abortion supporters?

Pro-Life-3I admit I often demonize abortion supporters in my mind. The ones I usually deal with are the hard core industry or political types, and they can indeed come across beyond cold and calloused.

Nevertheless, having been convicted through Scripture, I’ve been trying (although admittedly failing as often as I succeed – but I’m getting better, truly!) to more even-handedly communicate with them.

This week I read Romans 15:15-16 and took the passage our direction. The pertinent sentence:

Abortion supporters now both anti- “choice” and uber- “choice”


Planned Parenthood triggered a massive identity crisis in the pro-abortion world when it announced on February 9 it was abandoning the term “pro-choice.”

I mentioned at the time Planned Parenthood must certainly not have conferred with such groups as NARAL Pro-Choice America before dropping its bombshell.

The1PercentI don’t think abortion advocacy groups appreciate the fact that Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar business. So its decisions will be primarily market-driven, which may or may not be coincide with the best interest of ideological groups – one of the hard truths about the 1%.

Thus, Planned Parenthood basically hung NARAL, et al, out to dry, forcing them to defend their commitment to the word “choice.”

In an interview with Politico today, new NARAL president Ilyse Hogue said her group is doubling down…

Abortion supporters conduct “Project Detour” around pro-life protest

Calling it the States of Refuge campaign, 15 pro-life activist groups launched a yearlong endeavor beginning January 22, 2012, to close any or all of the lone abortion clinics remaining in each of five states.

The goal of the groups is to “establish the first abortion-free states since Roe vs. Wade,” adding even one closure would be a “breakthrough in our nation.” I agree such a closure or closures will constitute a milestone. Those states are:

Video: Abortion supporters cheer and do happy dance when mom enters clinic to abort

From the demonic Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion mill in Rockford, IL, comes word of yet another sick and creepy incident. NIWC owner Wayne Webster is losing so much of business due to the mobile ultrasound unit parked near his clinic that on May 14 he brought in 2 older pro-abort women “sidewalk counselors” to […]


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