by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • At National Review, Michael New reports that despite the Rasmussen poll which supposedly showed an increase in pro-choice sentiment following the November election, nothing really changed from their previous April poll:

    Rasmussen’s April survey also showed that likely voters were more likely to describe themselves as “pro-choice” rather than” pro-life,” by a 51–40 margin. In short, the “war on women” rhetoric and the statements by Akin and Mourdock only resulted in a three-percentage-point gain in “pro-choice” sentiment — a difference that falls within the poll’s margin of error….

    [Th]e Democrats’ emphasis on abortion and contraception… likely succeeded in increasing turnout among pro-choice voters. It also likely made pro-choice voters more likely to cast their vote based on the abortion issue. However, the results of the Rasmussen survey provide little evidence that this fall’s election cycle substantially shifted public opinion in favor of legal abortion.