“At Westmont, Jesus Christ holds preeminence. With our commitment to historic Christianity, we encourage students to integrate their beliefs with their studies and to live out their faith in service to others. Rooting the liberal arts in Christ means that we educate the whole person and encourage students to develop biblically based, intellectually strong convictions and worldviews.”

For three years pro-life student Seth Gruber (pictured left) petitioned the College Student Association and Executive Team at his Evangelical Christian college, Westmont, located in Santa Barbara, California, to allow him to sponsor the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Genocide Awareness Project on campus.

For three years they said no.

Finally, on the morning of October 23, Seth decided to show the reality of abortion to students anyway.

With pro-lifers Todd Bullis and Timothy Eaton, Todd took a position outside the Dining Commons with graphic abortion signs.