I have a soft spot for pro-life converts, which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is. I think pro-lifers could do a much better job of supporting them. I think it is time for that to happen for some of us who have been reluctant about Romney. The fact that he used to be pro-abortion is the major hang-up.

I’ve told the story before of meeting then-gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie at the New Jersey’s Rally for Life in 2009, where he was being maligned by his primary opponent as a fake, a political opportunist. There were even a few boos when he was introduced. Feeling sorry for Christie, who looked a little out of place, I approached his table during dinner, introduced myself, and sat down to offer encouragement for his conversion. He lightened up and talked a mile a minute, describing how he had changed his view on the life issue when becoming a father in the 1990s.

To start out pro-abortion and end up pro-life cannot be an easy process, particularly when one is in the public eye.