1101130114_600There has been no shortage of pro-abortion response to Time’s January 14 cover story, “What choice?”, which made the case abortion proponents have been losing the war ever since they thought they won the war in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

The article’s author, Kate Pickert, listed a variety of reasons: a plethora of pro-life laws passed in the states, public sentiment, science, stigma, aging abortionists, and generational in-fighting.

The latter point was proven by a spate of commentary by pro-abortion Millennials defending themselves while attacking their “legacy” leaders.

Aside from that, I was surprised there hasn’t been much push back.

katie-stack-e1317916130102The latest Millennial to take a shot at her aging forebearers, pardon the pun, is Katie Stack, who was featured in MTV’s 2010 abortion special, “No Easy Decision,” about young mothers who decided to kill their preborn babies.

To her credit, Stack conceded many of Pickert’s points, although Stack always circled back to blame the “legacy” movement.

Here’s a thought I found particularly interesting, quoting Stack from AmplifyYourVoice.org: