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Obama’s long-standing love affair with abortion doctors

President Barack Obama sees a villain underneath every corporate rock except the one beneath which the abortion industry hides. It is inconceivable to Obama that abortion doctors might have a profit motive that tempts nefarious activity. In Obama’s mind, the abortion industry is the only corporate entity that should be completely unregulated.

The White House’s May 30 statement in opposition to a ban against sex selective abortions not only misrepresented the bill, which specifically exempts an abortionist from affirmatively determining a mother’s motive for abortion, it gave abortionists carte blanche:

Weekend question: If you could make a film about two pro-life heroes, who would they be?

Young filmmakers Martha Shane and Lana Wilson are which it appears they have. The film’s two subjects will be late-term abortionists LeRoy Carhart and Warren Hern…. The filmmakers describe Carhart and Hern as “inspiring,” “courageous,” and “sacrific[ial],” certainly topic matter for a separate post. (For instance, will what the abortionists actually do to merit all […]


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Jill Stanek is a nurse turned speaker, columnist and blogger, a national figure in the effort to protect both preborn and postborn innocent human life.

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