Of course, we can never really wake up to blue skies as long as the dark cloud of abortion hangs over us.

Nevertheless, yesterday brought lots of good news for the pro-life movement from many sides.

Don’t mess with Texas pro-lifers

First, last night the Texas House provisionally passed (formal ceremonial vote today) pro-life bills a pro-abortion mob previously blocked on June 25. The tally, 98-49, was four votes higher for our side than the vote taken after pro-abortion Rep. Wendy Davis’s filibuster. Sweet.

At the time of the vote, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was inexplicably rallying in Houston, as if she forgot the state capital is Austin. Cecile turned from festive to angry after the vote, tweeting, “Tonight the TX House passed a bill that will take women back decades–and we’re not going,” adding this photo to scare us. She apparently missed the memo instructing late-term abortion supporters to wear orange. Click to enlarge…