by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • I would suggest women stay far away from Jessy Jordan Holtzkamp if he ever gets out of prison:

    Holtzkamp, a second-year high school senior, told an officer he was too young to be a father and wanted the unborn child to be aborted or not be born alive, according to the complaint.

    When the officer told Holtzkamp his situation would be worsened if [Krystal] Alters-Meulemans suffered a miscarriage, he replied, “Why I wanted that to happen; I would love for that to happen,” according to the complaint.

    After he was advised he was being booked into jail on suspicion of attempted first-degree homicide of an unborn child, Holtzkamp “started making himself out to be a celebrity, stating, ‘We got a murderer up in here,'” and then started singing a song about killing the baby, the complaint states.

    When an officer asked him if he felt any remorse for trying to kill the fetus, he replied, “Hell naw,” according to the complaint.