by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli

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  • Judie Brown shows examples of a “dysfunctional America” which glorifies “convenience, self-gratification, and tolerance” through an onslaught of messages which, at one time, would have shocked the human conscience.

    Case in point: a Facebook meme created by the Care2 organization which attempts to denigrate the pro-life positions on contraception and rape (pictured left). Brown refers us to pro-life blogger Mindy Goorchenko, who says the meme would be accurate if the child were the one portrayed as the flotation device:

    Abortion is actually like falling into the water with an innocent child and using him as a flotation device. He dies, while you manage to climb back on shore and dry off.

    You do this even while there is a dock just a few feet away which can provide safe harbor until you are able to not only ensure the child’s survival but your own.

    Rather than teaching people how to jump with both feet into the treacherous waters as adolescents, along with the often ineffectual life jackets that are notoriously misused by children and adults, we should teach them to avoid the rapids until they are able to swim more effectively, and preferably with a buddy.

    A committed buddy, who would sacrifice their own life for yours.