Huffington Post is reporting today that two Ohio pro-life groups that have been bitterly divided about a pro-life bill may be working together on a compromise.

This is fabulous news, if true, and it appears it is.

I called Janet Porter, who leads Faith2Action, the group behind what is known as the “Heartbeat Bill,” legislation that would protect Ohio babies from abortion after a heartbeat can be detected – as early as six weeks of pregnancy.

I asked Janet whether it was true she is now working with Ohio Right to Life on a compromise bill.

“We’re talking to everybody who will protect babies with beating hearts,” she responded. “There is talk of a compromise bill, but nothing is final yet.”

To me, that was a yes. A blurb on the F2A’s website, right, also indicates something is in the air.

Expect more news next week. Here’s the germane excerpt from HuffPo: