pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At First Things, J.D. Flynn pens a beautiful response to noted atheist Richard Dawkins’ controversial Tweet about the “immorality” of allowing children with Down syndrome to be born. As an adoptive father of two children with Down syndrome, Flynn’s post is a must read:

    Youíve often said that people who disagree with you should ďgo away, and learn how to think.Ē Iíve tried to learn to think, over the years, but perhaps I am naive in some ways. But one of things Iíve concluded is that ethical philosophy canít be done in a sterile environment ó that our humanity, our intuition, our empathy, in fact, must be recognized as a source of ethical insight if we want to think well. Perhaps you believe that your position on abortion and down syndrome is logically valid. But I wonder if youíre kept awake at night by the revulsion that comes with being the champion of killing.