John Cusey of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus writes today:

Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean continue to promote the myth that the number of abortions has increased since President Bush was elected. Howard Dean said last weekend on Meet the Press, “You know that abortions have gone up 25% since George Bush was President?”, and yesterday Hillary Clinton said on CNN, “During the Clinton administration, abortions went down, and they’ve gone back up under the Bush administration….”
This myth was first promoted right before the last election, but seems to be getting new traction as pro-abortion politicians use it as a convenient excuse to continue defending aborting unborn children at any stage of development for any reason.
The problem is that the abortion industry’s own numbers contradict their claims, and this fact is explained in a recent analysis done by Annenberg Political Fact Check, which runs the site The piece is “Abortions rising under Bush? Not true. How that false claim came to be – and lives on.”


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