abortion proponents discover post-abortive depression Former Ms. Magazine editor Jennifer Baumgardner writes an enlightening piece in today’s fairfieldweekly.com admitting that young women consider the mainstream abortion movement haggard (“stale”) and out-of-touch (“blank faces” when confronted about “the lack of emotional resources” for post-abortive women).

Baumgardner tells of the “innovations” pro-aborts have created to connect with women, such as establishing a “non-judmental post-abortion talk-line” in California; “letting” pre- and post-abortive mothers to use the words “baby” and “killing” during counseling; and offering to show “fetal tissue” to mothers after their abortions. (If only they would show them ultrasounds beforehand. It would save a lot of counseling… but lose a lot of money.)

Baumgardner tells how surprised abortion proponents have been to discover that aborting mothers feel sadness and that they have murdered their babies.
Baumgardner has a funny way of acknowledging the pain of abortion. Baumgardner is the creator of the “I had an abortion” t-shirts, now part of a photo exhibit. (Photo, above, by Tara Todras-Whitehill, is part of the exhibit. Baumgardner is modeling as a pregnant woman.)

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