Yesterday, The Motley Fool reported:

… But when it comes to [private] investing, it’s best to view the subject [of embryonic stem cell research] with as much detachment as possible….
Sure, federal support may increase the chances that embryonic stem cells will yield novel treatments. But the path to success is still likely to be peppered with setbacks and failures over a period of years and at a cost of millions, if not billions, of dollars. Federal investment is not a magic wand that will produce cures overnight.
Further, even if national legislation does fail, as seems likely, public investment in embryonic stem cell research will increase substantially anyway. California voters approved a referendum that will allocate $3 billion in state funding over 10 years to the field, and New Jersey is considering spending hundreds of millions on stem cell research and a research center at Rutgers University.
Despite the promise suggested by early studies, embryonic stem cell research remains highly speculative. More concrete results, not the amount of cash being poured into research, are the best basis for investing decisions.

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