Yesterday, the FDA issued a warning “for doctors… to be on the lookout for rare but deadly infections in women using the abortion pill RU-486, citing two more deaths after its use,” according to the Associated Press.
The danger appears to have more to do with the other pill mothers must take after RU-486Cytotec, aka Misoprostol.
RU-486 kills the baby, and Cytotec dilates the cervix to expel the baby.
To reiterate, RU-486 cannot be taken without Cytotec.
The problem is, Cytotec is an ulcer drug. Searle, the manufacturer of Cytotec, issued a letter warning against off-label use in August 2000 (which the FDA posted on its site) two months before the FDA approved RU-486.
Thus, under Clinton’s watch the FDA ramrodded approval of RU-486, knowing that its accompanying drug Cytotec was potentially harmful to women.
Mother Jones, a liberal news organization, wrote an alarming article four years ago exposing the fact that Cytotec kills women.
That is the backdrop for today’s story, which includes this:

Tuesday’s action comes just eight months after the FDA warned about two sepsis cases associated with Mifeprex, also called RU-486 or mifepristone. Additional sepsis cases were reported to the agency in April and June.
The drug, sold by Danco Laboratories, is approved to terminate pregnancy up to 49 days after the beginning of the last menstrual cycle. It blocks a hormone required to sustain a pregnancy. When followed by another medicine, misoprostol [cytotec], the pregnancy is terminated.
The FDA’s instructions call for women to swallow both pills, but most abortion clinics instead instruct that the misoprostol tablet be inserted into the vagina, Galson said. Studies have shown it can work that way, too [Jill note – although the FDA and Searle both warn against this – not noted in the article].
But the four sepsis deaths, all reported from California, came after this so-called off-label use. Galson couldn’t say if the women had inserted the tablet vaginally themselves.

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