I’ve been saving good articles and columns these past few days that I simply have not had time to post. But I don’t want them to slip by unnoticed. So here’s a wrap-up.
“Think fetuses can’t feel pain? Try telling them that,” by Steve Calvin, MD, StarTribune.com, August 30
“Access to Abortion Pared at State Level,” by Ceci Connolly, Washington Post, August 29. (In addition, blog NewsBusters busts Connolly and the Post on biased verbiage.)
“NARAL propaganda,” editorial on the fetal pain “research” published in JAMA, Republican-American, August 29
“The stem cell conspiracy,” by Nigel Cameron, August 29, Christianity Today
“Surgeons hope to perform [adult bone marrow] stem cell implant on separated conjoined twins,” Channel NewsAsia, August 29
“Probe launched on found fetuses,” ObserverReporter.com, August 28
“Success of [adult bone marrow] stem cell therapy in heart attack patient,” Heartzine.com, August 28
“Frist subject of anti-stem cell TV ads,” Associated Press via NewsMax.com, August 26; view ad here.

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