The New York Daily News reports:

[A]ides to [New York] Gov. Pataki spelled out what it will take to get the bill signed [to make the morning after pill available with a prescription]. Pataki, who has supported abortion rights, wants to bar men from buying the pill, wants to restrict the number of capsules a woman can get and wants the pill available only to females older than 16, aides said.

All three of Gov. Pataki’s points address valid health and safety concerns with the morning after pill. Yet NARAL ignored them and instead accused Pataki of “selling out pro-choice supporters.” The hidden truth in NARAL’s accusation is that pro-aborts could care less about women’s health and safety of women but care only about the blood-stained buck.
On behalf of Concerned Women for America, Wendy Wright and I provided testimony to the FDA in December 2003 and to the Illinois General Assembly in March 2005 that included this vital point:

In Thailand, where the morning after pill has been available without a prescription for 18 years, the Bangkok Post reported in 2002 that it is advertised in men’s magazines, and that men feel they don’t have to use condoms because of this back-up plan. The article concludes, “Although many feminists believe that the morning after pill gives them more control over their own bodies, it would seem, judging from the few studies conducted so far, that it is actually being used by men to exploit women.”

The article further stated that men are the most frequent buyers of the MAP.
I further honed the point in my column, “FDA poised to approve pedophile thrill pill,” stating:

Sexual predators would welcome this tool to keep assaults of stepdaughters, nieces, daughters of friends, or infatuated students hidden, storing a stash of ECs in their bedroom drawer or pocket to give their victim after each rape. No pregnancy, no evidence.

In addition, addressing Pataki’s point #2, there have been no long-term studies conducted on MAPs. Who knows how these megadoses of hormones will impact girls’ and women’s bodies, particularly if not taken on a true “emergency” basis but relied upon as a primary birth control measure?

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