Today’s Daily Illini includes a strong editorial against IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s recent executive order that circumvented the IL General Assembly, forcing IL taxpayers to fund embyronic stem cell experimentation.

When a polarized issue is brought to the legislative table twice without a conclusion, it’s takes some narcissism to make a call like this….
Blagojevich has made a bold decision. But it does not appear that he considered the voice of anyone other than himself in this case. He was elected to make decisions on the behalf of the citizens of Illinois, but he appears to be making decisions based solely upon his beliefs. There is no excuse for circumventing the legislature and deviously allocating money from the budget to further his personal agenda. The issue should have been debated within the legislature and not solely decided by the Governor’s views on the topic….
Regardless of what the executive order brings in the future, Blagojevich’s dereliction should not be forgiven or forgotten.

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